Owning a domain name is a good idea in the 21st century. As the rush for virtual space continues, the domains are turning into profitable resources. But are all domain names the same or others have a high value? Well, when you approach a domain registrar, you may have noticed that various domain names are unavailable. And if they are, they are going for as much as $1000. Why? These are premium domains.  Say you were looking to register a domain for cosmetic business – super lady cosmetic.

When you log in to a registrar, you find a domain name cosmetic.com is available. However, to own it, you need to pay $300. Alternatively, superladycosmetics.com is going for $10. Now you are wondering whether to go for the premium one or continue with your name. Here are reasons why premium domains are worth it:

Power engine to online authority

Your online profitability lies in the number of visitors you are controlling. If your site is receiving a hundred visits per day, it can only be a dream to expect high sales. Your domain name has a central role in your online authority and shaping the audience opinion. Naturally, people use their keyword with a .com extension.

Say they are searching for a smartphone. To enhance their search, they are likely to type smartphone.com. If you are the owner of this site, you are likely to receive lots of traffic. Also, the information you post here will stand as the opinion of the customers in your niche. Thus, premium domains are the powerhouse in gaining online authority.

Enhancing your competitiveness

Competition is a reality in the business world. Whether you are running a physical or online venture, you are not safe from competition. To stand out, you need to come up with strategies that will give you a par beyond your peers. Here, a premium domain can make sense. But you are asking how?

As you know, most people hold a perception that a short domain name belongs to a multibillion or high-profiled organizations – Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Hence, having one will rank you at the same level with them and your products will be seen as of high quality meaning more sales.

Saves you branding and marketing budget

As you know, making a name online is not a simple thing. You must commit yourself to promotional activities. But with a premium domain, you can slice up your branding and marketing budget. This domain makes your business more accessible to navigate as it has the standard search tags. Hence, your brand and marketing activities will be minimal.

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